Top 10 Fashion Brands

The 10 best brands right now are on top because they are continually coming up with designs, that impress their customers. They create a buzz around them, making themselves relevant every time. This has been all perfectly timed, through product collaborations, pop-ups and influencer partnerships.

In no particular order, below is a list of the best 10 brands at the moment.


ALYX – Chicago-born Matthew Williams is the creative director of ALYX. He has worked with top talent from the worlds of music, art and fashion. After high school he started working in fashion production in Los Angeles. Later transitioning to designing costumes for musical artists, he found his way to Lady Gaga and then to Kanye West two years ago as the art director of Donda, West’s creative agency. He has also worked for Nike, Hood by Air, Supreme, Stussy, and founded the popular DJ and art collective Been Trill with Heron Preston and Virgil Abloh. They also launched footwear with iconic skate shoe brand Vans.



GUCCI – The fashion house sales have continued to grow and aligned itself with Gucci Ghost, Dapper Dan and MR PORTER with exciting exclusives which created more of a buzz.


A-COLD-WALL* – Founded by the London designer Samuel Ross in 2015, his collection merges British working-class uniforms with elements of Savile Row tailoring.  After graduating from De Montfort University in Leicester with a degree in graphic design and illustration, Ross contacted a range of companies across the UK and the US. Samuel Ross was once the ex-assistant and now the consultant of OFF-WHITE founder Virgil Abloh.


Stone Island – is an Italian high-end men’s apparel brand from Ravarino. Massimo Osti started his first label C.P. Company in 1974. Stone Island was a secondary line or diffusion collection of his main label. The brand specialized in surface treatment of fabrics and dyeing techniques. They have an ongoing relationship with Supreme, and plans to build new stores in Tokyo and Venice this year.


Palace – Founded in 2009 in London by Lev Tanju. Palace takes its name from what was originally the skate crew Palace Wayward Boys Choir, the Palace part nicknamed the houses he was living in which were in no way fit for a king! Palace now produce everything now from skateboards to hoodies and with numerous notable collaborations, especially Adidas.



Balenciaga – Notable moments for the brand were the release of the IKEA lookalike bags, the introduction of the Speed Trainers and the Triple-S sneakers last year. They expanded their Athleisure 2.0 trend and added a new kids line.


Off-White™ – Virgil Abloh’s brand had collaborations with names, such as Nike and Moncler. Opened new stores in New York (EM PTY Gallery), Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney.


Supreme – The power move was collaborating with Louis Vuitton. The other big one was their investment deal with The Carlyle Group.


Raf Simons – With the awards CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year last June and International of the Year by The British Fashion Council, the brand is riding high. collaborating with the Woolmark company, his knitwear politically-inspired designs had fans very excited.



The actual collaboration between DHL and Verments happened in November last year, with a pop up shop. Other notable collaborations were Reebok kicks, Maxfield dry cleaning pop-up and clothes pile display at Saks Fifth.








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