Emerging Designer: Asai

Asai, whose real name is A Sai Ta, graduated from Central Saint Martins with a BA and MA in fashion. He was also awarded the L’Oréal creative prize at the end of his BA course. His designs sold out in a week, when Selfridges opened the Fashion East pop-up shop last year. Ironically he was also working as a Selfridges staff member at the time.

He has worked with Kanye West on his Yeezy brand, this came about when Kanye came to the college to interview prospective designers for his brand. So impressed by Ta’s textile experiments he invited him to spend three months in LA.

London Fashion Week has said of his designs – “A summation of A Sai’s designs can be described as going against the grain – taking the familiar and reconceptualising it. A mash up of naughties and sportswear influence, fabrics in vibrant hues are so zealously distressed he has coined this unique technique as ‘interlocking embroidery”.

Ta’s designs are quirky, subvert notions of luxury fashion and turn perfectionism on it head.


Video courtesy of © FF Channel via YouTube.