How to Take Care of Eyelashes in Winters?

Sweaters, wool socks, hot chocolate, and fires symbolize the winter season. The season is beautiful, but our hair, complexion, and eyelashes aren’t. Dry skin and hair are caused by cooler temperatures and reduced humidity levels, which can impact the growth cycle of eyelashes. Because lashes are more fragile in the cold, they may fall out early. On the other hand, lash extensions are also impacted by this.

Another drawback of the cold is that eyelashes and hair develop more slowly during the winter. This may be good news for individuals who use eyelash extensions because it will reduce how frequently you have to go to the salon for fills.

There are a few tips to keep your eyelashes and any extensions you wear gorgeous throughout the winter. Although they are straightforward and quick to use, the outcomes are assured.

Tips For Eyelash Care During Cold Weather

You stay beautiful in winter; there are several easy and simple tips to follow and help your eyelashes. With some tricks, there is one alternative, too, the best eyelash growth serum by MD factor.

Avoid Applying Oil-Based Makeup

In the cold, your face is the sole visible body component. There is no denying that ladies want to look their best, but oil-based makeup is not an option for the lash girls. It does this by interfering with the glue that bonds the eyelashes together. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara can be difficult to take off, and they could pull the lash extensions that are adhered to your natural lashes, resulting in an early lash loss. Using lash extensions makes your eyes look sensual and alluring without makeup. However, pick safe makeup for your lovely extensions if you want to add charm.

Clean & Moisturize Your Lashes Daily

Applying a moisturizer can significantly assist in addressing the wintertime problem of brittle lashes. A regular moisturizer containing wax, oil, or glycerin would hamper your lash bonding. To hydrate your gleaming lashes, use specific serums for lash extensions. Additionally, you must ensure that the moisturizer you apply to your skin in the winter is devoid of oil. Avoid the region directly around the eyes if not.

Enjoy Safe Streaming

Nothing beats a hot bath or a sauna session during the colder months. They revitalize your body and give you a better, more energizing feeling. As long as you adhere to one easy rule: never touch or massage your eyes when utilizing a sauna, steam room, or hot tub with eyelash extensions. If you rub your eyes at that time, you risk causing your lash extensions to fall out since the heated air dissolves the adhesive bonding. Everything returns to normal as soon as your eyelashes calm down once more.

In other words, take advantage of a relaxing steaming experience but keep your hands away from your eyes. The steam won’t have any unfavorable effects on your eyelashes.

Follow Healthy Diet

Fitness is Wealth! Your skin, lashes, and hair will all benefit greatly from a balanced diet. It would be wonderful if your diet included a variety of vitamins and minerals. You will need to take supplements to compensate for the lack of nutrition if that is not the case.

A nutrient called silica gives hair, bones, teeth, and nails strength. Starting a silica supplement at the start of winter is advised. An individual’s health is greatly influenced by the vitamins B, C, D, and E, which can cause several skin and hair issues if not ingested correctly.

Vitamin C, in particular, contains antioxidant effects that shield the skin and hair from bacterial damage.

Go For Regular Refills

If you want to wear those stunning lash extensions for the entire year, you cannot afford to miss your refill visits. As was already discussed, the weather forces you to see your lash artist every two to three weeks.

The artist examines the natural lashes’ condition and replaces damaged extensions during your refill visits. Your artist is ideal to speak with if you have questions or concerns about early lash loss, and finding out if you are keeping them incorrectly may be helpful.

These are some of the best ways to care for your eyelashes or extensions. On the other hand, there are several ways to grow your lashes longer and thicker. Eyelash growth serum and lash conditioner are one of them.


The most popular winter season is everyone’s favorite. People will start planning several winter activities due to the stunning climate. On the other hand, the same climate plays a vital role in the growth cycle of lashes, hair, and skin. We have many options for hair and skin, but lashes are difficult to find. Here are the best tips to take care of your lashes during the cold season.

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